April 2020

Holy Observances for April, 2020

Sunday April 19
Divine Mercy Sunday (Low Sunday)
“If the flesh has come into existence because of the spirit, it is a marvel; but if the spirit has come into existence because of the body, it is a marvel of marvels. But I marvel at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty.”

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The Holy Prophet Mani, painting by Jan Saether

Saturday April 25
Feast Day of the Holy Prophet Mani
“For this great door which I have opened lies open to the Gods and Angels, and Men and all the spirits and living souls who are ready for Life and everlasting rest!”

Holy Week 2020, and Continuity

While public events and services at Ecclesia Gnostica are suspended for the time being, traditional observances of the Holy Mysteries continue.

Bishop Hoeller and Ecclesia Gnostica clergy have conducted celebrations and services in private for Palm Sunday and Holy Week, including the Blessing of the Holy Oils (Maundy Thursday), the Blessing of both the Holy Fire and Baptismal Water (Holy Saturday); the The Festival of the Risen Light, Easter Day; a Service of Devotion to Our Lady the Holy Sophia; and a Eucharistic Celebration for Divine Mercy Sunday, during which Bishop Hoeller delivered the Homily above.

Your continuing support for Ecclesia Gnostica and The Gnostic Society is especially appreciated during this unusual time of apparent discontinuity, absence and suspension. This movement of the Gnosis, the work itself, continues in each and all of us.

All are invited to send email prayer requests, to subscribe to this monthly online Newsletter, and to make an online contribution.

And grant to us, O boundless One, not to be attached to earthly things, but rather to love heavenly things; so that while all around us passes away, we may ever now hold fast that which abides forever. Amen.