November 2020

Esoteric, Occult and Spiritual Los Angeles

New Friday Lecture Series
Since the early 20th Century our city functioned as the center of Esotericism in the United States. Dr Hoeller has been active in the Los Angeles esoteric milieu since the 1950s, and will discuss the nature, the history, the past and future of these currents.

Please note: In October The Gnostic Society resumed weekly Friday evening lectures presented by Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller. Attendance is now by invitation. Those interested in attending may call (323) 467-2685 to arrange for an invitation. Seating is limited.

Friday November 6
Los Angeles, the West Coast Occult Capital
How the “burnt over district” of New York State reincarnated in California.

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Friday November 13
Spirits, Yogis and Seers in Southern California
Mediumship, Hindu Spirituality, Healers and Magicians.

Friday November 20
Theosophists, Philosophers and Rosicrucians in California
Including Krotona, Manly P. Hall, Max Heindl and Besant Lodge.

Friday November 27
No Lecture
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Ecclesia Gnostica

Holy Observances for November, 2020

Sunday November 1
The Day of All Saints
“The saints shall exist in the light of the sun, and the elect in the light of everlasting life, the days of whose life shall never terminate; … “

Homily for the Day of All Saints

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Monday November 2
The Day of All Souls
“Remember them, O Lord, in Thy kingdom, the faithful souls whom we knew but see no longer … “

Sunday November 8
The Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity
“Be not fearful of the flesh, nor love it. If thou fear before it, it will become master over thee …”

Sunday November 15
The Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity
“His disciples said to Him: When will the repose of the dead come about and when will the new world come? He said to them: What you expect has come, but you know it not. …”

Friday November 20
The Day of All Gnostic Saints
“Especially do we praise and thank Thee today for the holy and enlightened teachers and knowers of truth … and all the holy souls and wise sages who have in any way or form, under whatsoever guise and appearance attained to and taught the true and ancient Gnosis of God.”

Sunday November 22
The Sunday Next Before Advent
“Jesus said: If you bring forth that within yourselves, that which you have will save you. If you do not have that within yourselves, that which you do not have within you will kill you.”

Sunday November 29
Advent Sunday
“Seek, all of you, after the Light, so that the power of your Soul that is in you may live. Do not desist from seeking by day and by night, until you find the purifying mysteries of the Light which refine the body of matter and make it a pure Light very refined.”

Holy Sophia Meditations for November