Geoffrey Hodson – The Supreme Splendour

Exposition relating to Divinity, the source of all existence; processes by which universes come into being; successive phases of emanation; formation of worlds, the descent of the divine ‘seeds’ or Monads who inhabit them; evolution and its consummation.

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1. Authors Preface


2. The Nature of Divinity


3. Introduction to Darkness


4. Darkness


5. Dawn


6. Day and the Lords of Day


7. Infinity


8. Fire


9. Fire Mist


10. The Descent of Will


11. The One Mind


12. The Sowing of Seeds


13. The Nature of the Seeds


14. The Awakening of the Seeds


15. The Mother of all Worlds


16. Archetypal Forms – Cosmic, Universal, Solar


17. The One Will and the One Life


18. The Builder of Forms


19. Cosmic Life


20. The Work of the Builders


21. Transition from Mineral to Plant


22. Light


23. The Divine Musician


24. Transcendent Mind


25. The Destinies of Angels and of Men


26. Creative and Procreative Power


27. Transcendent Love


28. Transcendent Will


29. Solar High Noon


30. Solar Eve


31. The New Dawn


32. Epilogue


Download entire audio book
(158 MB .zip file)