The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

Meditations for this week.

September 26

Color: Green; Intent: Spiritual Progress


To Thee we turn, God manifest in all the powers that surround us; to Thee O God who art ever beyond all our wonderings and imaginings. Grant, we pray Thee, that we may so serve Thy holy will that our lives and works will not be directed toward the mere mastery of outer things but toward the great glorious joint redemption of the divine in man and the human in the divine. Allow us to fulfill ourselves in Thee, even as we implore Thee to fulfill Thyself in us. Amen.


The Lesson is taken from the words of Hermes, the Thrice Great Lord:
Now man is a godlike creature, and the true man is even above the gods, or at least equal in power with them. For no one of the celestials will ever come down to dwell in earth, forsaking the boundaries of heaven, but man goes up to heaven, and measures it, and accurately understands it; and more than all, he comes to be on high without even leaving the earth! Such is the greatness of his ecstasy. O how much more happily blended is the nature of man than others. It is linked with the gods by kindred divinity. He looks down upon that part of him which is earthly within himself; he binds to himself with a bond of love all the rest with which he has learned that he is connected; he looks up to heaven, he tends the earth. Without such beings God did not wish the universe to be complete.


The Gospel is taken from the Gospel according to St. Thomas:
A woman from the multitude said to Him: Blessed is the womb which bore Thee and the breasts which nourished Thee. He said to her: Blessed are those who have heard the word of the Father and have kept it in truth. For there will be days when you will say: Blessed is the womb which has not conceived and the breasts which have not suckled. Jesus said: Whoever has known the world has found the body, and whoever has the body, of him the world is not worthy. Jesus said: Let him who has become rich become king, and let him who has power renounce it. Jesus said: whoever is near to me is near to the fire, and whoever is far from me is far from the Kingdom.


Color: White


Spirit of life and mighty One of light, open our eyes that we may recognize the bounty of blessings which Thou hast bestowed upon us, and grant that through our appreciation of that which is temporal we may be brought at length to that which is eternal. Praise be to Thee for the wonder of the fire that bringeth warmth and brightness to the world and to our mind; praise be to Thee for the freshness of air that bloweth where it listeth as the image of Thy most holy Spirit; praise be to Thee for the rich earth, the sustainer of all that lives; praise be to Thee for water that refreshes the earth in stillness and in storm; praise be to Thee for the courage of the heroes, the example of the saints and the splendor of all noble deeds; for the memory of our true home above the shadows of this world, and for the hope of our return to Thy kingdom of life and light everlasting. Amen


The Lesson is taken from the Book of the Psalms of David:
Ye shall stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord. At morning and at even. O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving and show ourselves glad in Him with psalms. The sea is His, and He made it: and His hands prepared the dry land. He is the Lord our God: and we are the people of His pasture, and the sheep of His hand. My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O Lord: I will direct my prayer unto Thee, and look up. I will sing of Thy power: and will praise Thy loving-kindness betimes in the morning. In the evening and morning and at noonday will I call: and He shall hear my voice. The tenderness of the Lord is new every morning: Great, O Lord, is Thy faithfulness.


The Gospel is taken from the Gospel according to St. Philip:
There is a glory that is higher than glory, there is a power which is above power. Because of this the perfect things are open to us, and the hidden things of the truth; and the holy things of the holy ones are revealed, and the bridal chamber invites us in. Insofar as it is hidden, wickedness is indeed brought to naught, but it is not taken away from the midst of the seed of the Holy Spirit; they are slaves of wickedness. But when it is revealed, then the perfect light will pour out on everyone. And all those who are in it will receive. Then the slaves will be free, and the captives delivered.

The Epiphany

Color: White; Intent: Divine Guidance

The Collect

Holy Father of the Light, who dost ever show Thyself to the wise men in every age, we ask for such zeal in the pursuit of Gnosis as may help us to lead all longing souls to Thy Light; O Thou ever shining and guiding star of wisdom and holiness, to Whom we present our gifts of devotion and adoration now and forevermore. Amen.

The Lesson

The Lesson is taken from the writings of the Gnostic Fathers:
When the Christ appeared among the Aeons of Light, and the chaos was dispersed and perfectly pacified, all the sons and daughters of wisdom sang hymns with great joy to the Father, sharing much delight. With one will and purpose the entire Fullness of the Aeons — Christ and the Spirit were well pleased and the Father imposed His seal upon all. And this is the most perfect beauty and Star of the Pleroma, a perfect fruit, Jesus who was also named Savior and Christ and Word and All, because he is from all.

The Gospel

The Gospel is taken from the Book of the Gospel of Truth:
Therefore he who is Gnostic is truly a being from above. When he is called he hears; he answers; he directs himself to Him who calls him and returns to Him; he apprehends how he is called. By possessing Gnosis, he carries out the will of Him who called him and seeks to do what pleases Him. He receives the repose. He who thus possesses knowledge knows whence he comes and whither he goes. He understands as someone who makes himself free and awakens from the drunkenness wherein he lived and returns to himself.

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